H&M's Autumn 2011 Conscious collection

After the success of their first Conscious Collection last spring H&M have unveiled their Autumn 2011 offering of eco-friendly fashion.

Romantic Swedish Folklore is the influence for H&M's Conscious Collection this season proving that sustainability and style can go hand in hand. Each piece of the collection is made from eco-friendly materials including organic cotton and linen, recycled wool and hemp, showing that it's possible to create  gorgeous style lead pieces using sustainable fabrics.

This ladylike collection includes lace detailing, vintage floral prints, folk-like embroidery and embellishment. Structured smock dresses and wool coats are teamed with pretty lace blouses and fitted cardigans.

My favourite pieces are the floral shoes and bag, they're the perfect accessories to compliment a 40's inspired outfit this Autumn and I love the floral dress, it has a 1960's 'Mad Men' feel to it. I always expect organic or eco friendly collections to be quite plain and boring but H&M have proven that sustainable fashion can be on trend and stylish, I'll definitely be heading down to my local store to try on a few bits!

The Conscious Collection hits H&M stores and online on Thursday 6th October.

H&M A/W 2011 Conscious Collection

What do you think of the collection? Is eco friendly fashion important to you? 



  1. I really love eco-friendly fashion and your post certainly proves that it is eco-fabulous! Love the shoes and wooly cardigans in particular.

    Eco-friendly is important to me, I love and respect the environment. Something inside me always feels wrong when I leave Primark having bought something for a couple of pounds, when I know the person that made it worked for ever and was paid hardly anything. Eco-friendly stops this, and helps us know that the fashion was made in healthy working conditions by people earning sufficient money.

    I really like the Earth Couture brand. :)

  2. I feel exactly the same about Primark...I've actual stopped my binge shops in there and will only buy something if I know I'll wear it more than once.

    H&M are definitely proving that Eco fashion doesn't have to mean drab and dreary! Loving Earth Couture and Love Stretch

    B x


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