Be A Natural Beauty With Organic Surge

I love using beauty products that are made with natural ingredients so when I was given some Organic Surge products to try I was looking forward to seeing how good they would be. 

I've been using the Blissful Daily Moisturiser for normal skin types £7.99 for 50ml for the last few weeks. I found it quite oily when it first goes on but it soaks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling really silky and it's been working nicely on my dry areas! It has a subtle natural scent which I found quite nice and refreshing and not too overpowering like some moisturisers. I have really sensitive skin so am always a little worried about how I will react to new products but I've had no problems with the Blissful Daily Moisturiser, I really enjoy using it and my skin is loving it too! 

I've also been using the Overnight Sensation Night Cream for all skin types £7.99 for 50ml. Again it goes on quite oily but on cleansed skin it soaks in fast leaving my skin feeling really hydrated. 

I feel really good about putting these on my face as I know they're packed with natural ingredients that are good for my skin rather than being full of chemicals. I also love that they've got vitamin E in, I try to use a lot of vitamin E on my face, as its an antioxidant that protects (which I need lots of living in London with all the grime) and repairs. 

Both of these Moisturisers have been sensitive skin tested which I found really useful to see on the side of the packaging! 

Organic Surge Moisturisers  - You can see the Sensitive Skin Tested sign o the packaging 

Organic Surge products are made with a blend of natural ingredients that feed your skin with what it craves. The moisturisers include:

*  Lemon Essential Oils
* Sweet Almond Oil
* Rosemary Essential Oils
* Natural Glycerin 
* Shea Butter
* Green Tea
* Grapeseed Oil 
* Vitamin E 

Organic Surge Moisturisers  - Day & Night Cream 

Organic Surge Moisturisers  - Day & Night Cream 

When the word 'Organic' is related to beauty products I tend to think of neutral packaging and a high price point but that's not the case with Organic Surge. The colourful and modern packaging makes the brand seem young and the prices are really accessible ranging from £4-£8. It's currently available online at and from Waitrose, John Lewis and Whole Foods.

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  1. That looks awesome - would you definitely recommend it? I really want a product like that. xx

  2. Yeah it's lovely stuff, would defo recommend it, and its such a great price!


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