What I Wore Today....

So... I caved in and bought one of the River Island maxi skirts I blogged about the other week (check out the post here) I couldn't help know when you can't stop looking at something online that you should probably just buy it - so I did! oops! (it was only £25)

I wore my skirt to work today with a black body and some buckle up wedges, this is what it looked like......

I love a statement pendant - This one was from a little boutique in Carcasonne France

My New Maxi From River Island - only £25!! 

Buckle-up Wedges from Oasis 

Buckle-up Wedges from Oasis

My Snake Bracelet from Topshop about 3 years ago

As well as being addicted to Pendants I can't get enough of chunky rings - Love em! 

Let me know what you think of the Maxi Skirt, A good purchase???

B x


  1. I really like the maxi skirt. Sometimes they can look frumpy, but this one looks stunning on you. You have an amazing figure which helps!

    Great blog you have here.

    All the best,

  2. I think one of those skirts is a brilliant purchase, I love teaming them with biker boots and woolies when it gets cooler. Gorgeous colour too.

    Caz x


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